Outdoor Cinema Hire

Outdoor cinema hire in the UK. Perfect for a birthday or garden party during those warmer nights! We provide everything you need to create your own home cinema with free UK delivery and return.

Simply connect your laptop or TV stick to stream films and shows from any online service such as Netflix or Prime Video!

Why Hire An Outdoor Cinema?

You could watch films on your TV, of course, but there’s just something about having a huge, inflatable cinema screen in your garden that’s great fun! Not to mention the fact your friends and neighbours can get involved too.

Garden cinemas have surged in popularity recently as a way to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, or just as an excuse for a party! Coupled with deck chairs or bean bags, a few drinks and snacks, perhaps an outdoor heater or blankets, you’re set for a really enjoyable evening.

Aside from home parties, our pop-up screens could be used to create a unique gaming experience at a festival or wedding. Indoor use is also possible if you have the space!

Outdoor Cinema Hire Prices

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How It Works

Choose your date(s), choose your kit, and rest easy!

You will receive the equipment two business days before your event. In the box(es) will be a complete system including cables and setup instructions. We will arrange a return collection for the following business day, or you can drop off to a Post Office instead.

Use any HDMI device for playback such as a laptop, games console, or TV stick. If you want to use a device which doesn’t have this port, we have various adaptors available.

Place an order online and let us take care of the rest! 

Make sure to check out our add-ons for cools things like LED string lights!



Do you offer outdoor cinema hire near me?

Yes – we ship to towns and cities all across the UK. Locations we cover include Kent, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Surrey, and Liverpool.

How much space is required?

The dimensions of the screen are 4.2m (L) x 3m (H) x 3m (D). The projector should be 3.78m away to completely fill the screen.

Does it need to be dark?

Yes. We do not recommend using the system before sunset unless positioned in a particularly well shaded area. No projector can compete with the sun unfortunately.

What about the weather?

The system is unsuitable for use in rain or high winds so it’s important to pick a clear day. We have an indoor cinema option if this is a concern.

I want to put the screen on a hard surface. Is this possible?

Yes, but you will need sufficient ballast such as sand bags for each corner and something to secure the guy ropes to if outside. Our packages are primarily designed for use on grass.

Do I need a licence?

For a private party, no. For public events, check here: https://www.independentcinemaoffice.org.uk/advice-support/what-licences-do-i-need/.

What happens if the equipment gets lost or damaged?

Any loss or damage will be charged at the RRP price for a new replacement.

How much is it to hire an outdoor cinema?

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