Projector Hire

Projector and screen hire for parties and events. Indoor and outdoor options available for the home, garden, weddings, funerals etc.

Whether it’s a cinema night or to watch the football with your mates, we have a solution for you.

Enjoy epic, HD video with a soundbar speaker or wireless headphones taking care of the sound. Free UK delivery and return included!

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Projector and Screen Packages

Home Cinema Hire

90″ fast-fold indoor cinema screen.

Outdoor Cinema Hire

140″ inflatable outdoor projector screen.

Projector-Only Hire

No screen – just a projector, stand, and cables.

How It Works

Choose your date(s), choose your kit, and rest easy!

You will receive the equipment two business days before your event. In the box(es) will be a complete system including cables and setup instructions. We will arrange a return collection for the following business day, or you can drop off to a Post Office instead.

Use any HDMI device for playback such as a laptop, games console, or TV stick. If you want to use a device which doesn’t have this port, we have various adaptors available.

Place an order online and let us take care of the rest!

Make sure to check out our add-ons for cools things like LED string lights!


Projector Hire FAQs

Do you provide projector hire near me?

Yes – we rent projectors and screens all across the UK. Locations we cover include: Leeds, Surrey, Essex, Bristol, and Birmingham.

Does it have to be dark?

Ideally, yes. The less ambient light there is, the brighter the projected image will appear. This is particularly important outdoors.

How much does it cost to hire a projector?

Click through to our home cinema and outdoor cinema pages for an instant online quote!

Can I use a projector without a screen?

Yes, but you will need a flat, smooth, and white coloured surface to project onto.

Projector screen vs wall?

While you can make do with a wall, a proper screen will always trump it. This is due to the reflective qualities of the vinyl fabric which are designed specifically for the job.

What is better: a projector or TV?

This really depends on the intended application. TVs occupy less space and are not so affected by ambient light, but projection screens are usually much bigger!

Should I use a projector screen or sheet?

When devising a bedroom or home movie setup, you might be tempted to project onto a bedsheet. This may be passable, but never as good as a proper screen. Hanging a sheet and making the surface smooth will be a challenge. Plus, the reflective qualities will be different to that of a vinyl screen (at detriment to image contrast and brightness).

Other Packages

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