Silent Disco Hire

Hire silent disco headphones for your event or party with free UK delivery and return. No matter how big or small, we provide all the equipment you need along with straightforward setup instructions to get you up and running in no time. Amazing fun with family and friends!

Our state-of-the-art LED headphones boast a 10-hour battery life, 500m range and up to 3 receiving channels. The kit will be delivered at least 24 hours before your event by a secure courier. Afterwards, all you need to do is repackage this into the tote box(es), ready for the return collection.

Rent our headphones for:

  • Wedding receptions and private parties
  • Home parties
  • Gym and fitness classes
  • University / freshers events
  • Conferences and corporate functions (custom branding available)
  • Festivals
  • Museums, exhibitions and walking tours
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Outdoor cinemas or gaming experiences

Each set has a volume dial and lights up in either red, green, or blue, depending on which channel is selected. This means everyone will be able to see who is listening to what!

Just connect a laptop, tablet, or phone to one of our transmitters with the included aux cable (or 3.5mm jack, to be precise) and start the music! Some devices, such as DJ decks and recent iPhone’s, will require adaptors, but we can supply these. If you’re unsure, please ask, and we can advise!

Why Have A Silent Disco?

The simple answer is: they’re great fun! Since originating at music festivals in the early 2000s, silent discos have continuously grown in popularity and are now available for private events. The technology has improved, of course, but the concept remains the same:

No noise! Many venues have restrictions that limit musical entertainment to particular times or low volume levels. Neighbours are also a consideration if you’re planning a party at home. These are not issues when there’s no speaker system involved, however. A side benefit to using headphones is that guests can remove them and converse at normal levels (and be entertained by everyone else singing along to songs that aren’t audible!).

Choose your own music! Not everyone needs to hire a DJ. Maybe you already have a great playlist lined up on Spotify. Perhaps you have three? Well, you’re in luck – you can play them all at the same time…

Lockdowns across the UK have made celebrating special occasions harder than ever before. However, it’s still possible to have a small party at home. You could even have a silent disco for 2!

Don’t just take our word for it though; take a look through our recent reviews.

Silent Disco Hire Prices

All prices include 2x transmitter channels, 3.5mm jack / aux cables, 1x headphone multi-charger, and UK delivery/return.

6 Headphones
10 Headphones
15 Headphones
20 Headphones
25 Headphones
30 Headphones
50 Headphones
100 Headphones
150 Headphones
200 Headphones
250 Headphones
300 Headphones
300+ Headphones

Optional Extras

Apple Lightning Audio Adaptor – £2.50 each

USB-C Audio Adaptor – £2.50 each

2x Party/Disco Lights – £10

Mini Smoke Machine – £5

Spotify Tablet – £25 each

Extra Headphone Multi-Charger – £5 each

Third Transmitter Channel – £20

Upgrade to Battery Powered Transmitters – £25

RCA / Phono Audio Cable – £2 each

XLR Audio Adaptor – £2 each

6.35mm Jack Audio Adaptor – £2 each


How does a silent disco work?

Sound is broadcast via small radio transmitters and then received by each of the headphones. Up to 3 channels of audio can be transmitted simultaneously and selected between by each guest.

Do you offer silent disco hire near me?

Most probably – we serve locations across the entire UK.

How do I connect my phone/laptop/DJ mixer etc.?

Most personal devices can be connected using the included aux cable, which will plug into the headphone output. Adaptors will be required for some, though, as well as for professional equipment. Speak to us, and we’ll make sure you have what’s needed!

When will the equipment be delivered and collected?

You should receive updates from the courier including a 1-hour ETA slot on the morning of delivery. This will be at least 24 hours before your event. Collection will be arranged for the following business day, or you can drop the box(es) to a Post Office instead.

How long will the batteries last?

The headphones will run for up to 10 hours and will arrive fully charged. Add a headphone multi-charger for unlimited use!

What is the range of the headphones and transmitters?

Up to 500 metres.

What happens if the equipment gets lost or damaged?

There will be a charge for new replacements at the RRP price.

How much does a silent disco cost?

This depends on the amount of headphones you need and any optional extras you choose. Check through our hire prices list for an estimate.

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