Silent Disco Hire

No noise, but plenty of fun. Hire silent disco headphones for your event and prepare to have a good time!

Our LED headphones have a 500m range, 10-hour battery life, and up to 3 channels. Super simple to set up and instructions included.

silent disco headphones rental
silent disco hire for weddings

Why Have A Silent Disco?

Put simply: they’re great fun! First there’s the novelty factor. You become immersed in a world with everyone listening to the same channel. Then there’s the comedy that follows when you take off your headphones and people watch… It’s an activity that all ages can enjoy.

Here’s our favourite pros:

  1. The neighbours will thank you. There’s no noise, so you can party into the small hours. A bonus is not having to shout when the headphones are off!
  2. Have it your way. Get exactly what you want. when you want it. It’s always a banger when you’re in control of the music.
  3. You can please everyone. Up to 3x music playlists can be running at the same time… Make each a different vibe and voila!
  4. It’s never too loud. Everyone has a volume control, so you can say goodbye to sore throats and ringing ears.
  5. It’s fresh. Cool and on-trend.
  6. They’re memorable. An ice-breaker and a talking point.
  7. Great for people watching. Take off your headphones and observe everyone else dancing and singing along to songs you can’t hear – priceless.
  8. A little different. Out of the ordinary.

To sum up: it’s a great party idea. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out our reviews.

Silent Disco Party Ideas

  • Hen do
  • Wedding (eg. late after band)
  • Home/garden party
  • Birthday celebration/party
  • University/fresher events
  • Festivals
  • Non-profit and community events or fundraisers
  • Gym and fitness classes (silent yoga, meditation etc.)
  • Nightclubs
  • Museums, exhibitions, and walking tours
  • Conferences
  • Kids party
  • Camping or glamping / outdoors
  • Street party
  • Schools/classroom
  • Silent cinema
silent party headphones rental

How It Works

Choose your date(s), choose your kit, and rest easy!

You will receive the equipment two business days before your event. In the box(es) will be a complete system including cables and setup instructions. We will arrange a return collection for the following business day, or you can drop off to a Post Office instead.

Order online and let us take care of the rest!

The Technical Stuff

Each set of headphones has a volume dial and lights up in either red, green, or blue, depending on which channel is selected. This means everyone will be able to see who is listening to what! Simply connect a laptop, tablet, or phone to one of our transmitters with the included aux cable (or 3.5mm jack, to be precise) and start the music!

Why Installed Events?

We want you to have an outstanding event. Here are some of the reasons to choose us:

Equipment cleaned and tested between hires

No security deposit required

5-star rated

Top quality equipment

Free postponements (up to 14 days before hire)

Flexible delivery and return options

Order and pay online

Hundreds of happy customers

Readymade packages with setup instructions

Hassle free


Silent Disco Hire Prices

Visit our online store for an instant quote:

Optional Extras

Look out for the following on the booking page:

  • Party/Disco Lights
  • Mini Smoke Machine
  • Spotify Tablets
  • Apple Lightning and USB-C Audio Adaptors
  • Battery-Powered Transmitters


How do silent disco headphones work?

The headphones receive radio signals from the silent disco transmitters. Each pair has a channel switch to adjust the frequency (ie. the connected transmitter), just like a radio. Simply connect a music device to each transmitter.

What do I need for a silent disco?

All you need is a device to play music from (eg. a laptop, tablet, or phone). If the device has a headphone jack output, you’re all set. If not, you will need an adaptor which can be added from the booking page.

Do you provide silent disco hire near me?

Yes – we ship to towns and cities all across the UK. Locations include Taunton, London, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Cornwall, Brighton, and Kent.

Can I DJ a silent disco with Spotify?

Absolutely! If you don’t have an account or a device to play from, you can hire Spotify tablets from us. For playlist ideas, here’s a good place to start:!

Is Wi-Fi required?


Can you silent disco with airpods or bluetooth?

No – specialised equipment is required.

How much is silent disco hire?

Visit our online store for an instant quote!

What happens if the equipment gets lost or damaged?

Any loss or damage will be charged at the RRP price for a new replacement.

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